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These are some sites that I think are interesting.  I hope you do too.  If you have suggestions for other sites I might include, please let me know.  

For some really extravagant seed beaded bracelets and innovative designs in copper and silver, my friend Cairenn, the Howling Artist has some wonderful pieces.  She also has hair sticks and other hair accessories, plus such pet accessories as dog collars, pet placemats, and necklaces for pets.  She does not currently have a web site, but her work is shown on and on Facebook at

If you are interested in vintage beads and buttons, visit  They have a huge warehouse full of all kinds of vintage beads, buttons, rhinestones, glass "stones", glass and plastic "pearls", lovely vintage clasps, mother-of-pearl buttons and pieces, and much more.  If you don't find what you are looking for, drop them a line - it might be somewhere in their warehouse.

An interesting site for metal stampings and history is - check out the history section and other info.

There is also the web site for the American Gem Trade Association, which has more information and some stunning pictures of a variety of gemstones, along with lists of birthstones and anniversaries.  See

I will be adding more links as I find them.

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