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I also make several other types of items from time to time.  Let me show you some examples on this page.  This page is not completely finished, so please check for additions later.

Yarn dolls
Calligraphy and illumination
Herbal information


"Green Reef" about 5 inches tall, 8 inches in diameter, in a soft sea-green glaze, $75
"Silver Edge Vase" short column, white with silver edging. About about 7 inches tall, 3 inches in diameter, $40

For a while I made delicate porcelain vases and bowls with ruffled edges. I am not currently producing these, but I do still have some lovely pieces left. Tall vases with ruffled edges start at $45, in white with pastel ruffles. I also have some "coral reef" bowl-like sculptures with pastel ruffled edges, and some bowls and vases with delicate petal decorations. These also start at $45, depending on the size and glazes. Please inquire if you are interested and would like to see images of the other pieces I have left.

"Turquoise Petals" Thrown vase with petals, about 6 inches tall, 4 inches in diameter, the outside is white, while on the inside and on the petals is a lovely swirl of turquoise. $55

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Yarn Dolls

I have been having fun making yarn dollies like those
"Ostara" doll with basket of flowers and Easter egg
"Ostara" doll with basket of flowers and Easter egg, $15
we made or had when we were kids.  I enjoy playing with various special yarns to give the dolls added character.  And some are decorated with accessories - perhaps a basket of flowers, a hat, a broom, a beaded necklace, a baby, and so on.  They are about 6 inches tall.  Dolls can have skirts or pants.
"old man" gray doll
"old man" gray and black doll, $7.50
Undecorated yarn dolls in your choice of color family (multiple yarn colors are used) are $7.50, Decorated dolls are $12.50 to $15.  A larger size is $20 to $25.  Please specify color and sentiment to be expressed (i.e. mother, spring, water, witch, etc.)  


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Calligraphy and illumination

I occasionally create custom illuminated pages, in the custom scroll style of some of the Books of Hours from the Middle Ages (though not as elaborate as some of those).  These are created on heavy weight acid  free paper with India ink and gouache watercolor paints.  A clear sealer can be applied, if necessary.  Price will depend on the amount of text and illumination involved.  A page (8.5 x 11 or 9 x 12 inches) starts at $75, unframed.

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Herbal information

As a practicing herbalist for over 30 years, if you have questions about the proper use of herbs, I might be able to provide some suggestions.  Feel free to contact me to see if I can help you.  I make such concoctions as a superlative salve for bruises and skin problems, a baking soda based tooth powder to use instead of toothpaste, and a number of other useful items.

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