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Rare and Precious

This page showcases some of the rare and unique stones that I only encounter once in a blue moon. I try to create something special with these stones or simply showcase their beauty. Let me know if you are looking for a particular stone and I will try to locate it for you.

The Classic
The classic pearl necklace, these creamy white cultured salt-water Akoya pearls are hand-knotted on silk with a 14K gold clasp. 18 inches long, these are the perfect accent with any attire, from formal to casual.  Salt-water cultured pearls have a deeper luster and sheen than comparable freshwater pearls.  These stunning pearls are a steal at the special price of $95. SOLD. I also have an extremely fine strand of cultured pearls with an 18K gold clasp, hand-knotted on silk, 18 inches long. These very special pearls are of the quality expected in a fine family heirloom piece. A bargain at $300.
Charoite has a lovely light purple color with interesting banding and a sometimes pearly luster. It is only found in one area of Siberia in Russia and is not well known. These 10x14mm ovals are separated by tiny metallic purple seed beads to give just a bit of sparkle18 inches long, vintage silver color box clasp set with rhinestones, $45. SOLD.
Mediterranean coral is becoming increasingly rare as the corals are damaged by pollution in these waters. This necklace is made from pink angelskin coral beads I acquired over 30 years ago, including the beautifully carved cylinder beads and the pendant fruit. Hand-knotted on silk with gold-filled accents, about 24 inches long, with a handmade gold-filled hook and eye clasp. $95. Rare and exotic garnets prove that garnet comes in colors other than dark red. Left, grossular garnet comes in several shades of mossy green in this strand of 6mm faceted rondels hand-knotted on silk. 17 inches long, gold-filled pearl (fishhook) clasp. $130. Right, hessonite garnet comes in lovely warm shades of brown, in necklaces of 6mm faceted rondels and 8mm flattened rounds, accented with sterling silver. 16 inches long with sterling silver S-hook clasp and 3 inch extender chain for flexible length choices. $85. Necklace with handmade glass bead SOLD.
Very dark blue sapphire ovals, accented by silvery gray freshwater pearls and sterling silver accents will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. 15 inches long with sterling silver S-hook clasp and 3 inch extender chain, allowing for flexible length choices. Vintage turquoise heishi, very fine, flows in 5 strands from a handmade sterling silver cone and clasp, like water in the desert. The natural color is very uniform, and the beads are very even. I think I acquired these very nice stones around 1980 - I made 2 necklaces, and kept one for myself. Truly an heirloom to hand down. About 22 inches long, $180.
Red coral
Natural red coral from the Mediterranean is becoming increasingly scarce as pollution damages the coral reefs. This vintage short branch coral is strung on silk and hand-knotted with a gold-filled pearl clasp, about 18 inches long. $55. In the Middle Ages, coral was thought to protect the wearer from demons and madness...

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