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Treasures from the Sea

In spite of the fact that I live in a land-locked area, I am always fascinated by the lovely iridescent products of the sea.  Freshwater pearls come in a wide variety of subtle colors and interesting shapes.  And I have found a stash of lovely old abalone and mother-of-pearl buttons with wonderful colors. Let me know what sea treasure you would like to have.

The Classic
The classic pearl necklace, these creamy white cultured salt-water Akoya pearls are hand-knotted on silk with a 14K gold clasp. 18 inches long, these are the perfect accent with any attire, from formal to casual.  Salt-water cultured pearls have a deeper luster and sheen than comparable freshwater pearls.  These stunning pearls are a steal at the special price of $95. SOLD.
Rich brown
Lovely shades of golden and coppery browns are most unusual in freshwater pearls, and these have such interesting shapes too.  3 strands of pearls, plus one of tiny glass seed beads are strung on silk and hand-knotted.  The handmade gold-filled clasp is decorative enough to show off in front.  About 20 inches long, $110, earrings included.  SOLD
Button, button...
I really love the colors and the iridescence of these vintage mother-of-pearl buttons and buckles.  The gray seems to show up the iridescence so nicely.  These are connected by hand-forged sterling silver links into a chain about 24 inches long, and accented with freshwater pearls.  Priced at $175.
is the only way to describe the fabulous blue and green iridescence on this piece of vintage abalone shell.  It is wrapped in sterling silver and accented with freshwater pearls in complimentary shades.  About 2 inches long, suspended from a 36 inch leather cord whose length can be adjusted to show off the pendant to best advantage.  $75. 
Watching the time?
This lovely vintage baby abalone shell clutches an old watch gear, perhaps found by a mermaid and stored in her treasure shell?  Wrapped in sterling silver and accented with freshwater pearls in complimentary shades, it is a truly stunning accent for any occasion.  $75.  It is even gorgeous on the back side, so it can be worn either way.  16 inch black or turquoise ribbon included (not shown).  Or a sterling chain or strand of freshwater pearls could be added, at an additional cost. SOLD
Cock of the Walk
This fabulous piece of abalone shell was broken, but the colors were so gorgeous that I had to clean it up and make this spectacular pendant.  It reminded me of a bird, so I forged the sterling silver to accent that impression.  As you can tell from the pictures, both sides of the piece are equally stunning.  About 3 x 4 inches.  The chain is made of heavy sterling silver figure 8 links connected by abalone beads, and is about 24 inches long.  Abalone bead earrings included.  $225..   
This interesting piece of abalone shell has the natural holes from the shell and the scalloped cut-outs where buttons were made from the shell.  Sterling silver winds in and out of the natural holes and is accented with freshwater pearls and tiny glass seed beads.  About 3 inches long, $75.  SOLD
Golden splendor
Golden stick pearls ring the neck, with a handmade gold-filled clasp accented by more pearls to show off front and center, making gold-filled earrings with freshwater pearls it easier to fasten.   Pearls are strung on silk and hand-knotted. About 22 inches long.  Priced at $75.  Earrings matching the clasp are $45.  (Set $100). SOLD   I love these freshwater stick pearls, and sometimes have similar necklaces and earrings in other colors, with sterling clasps, like these in sea-green, $95. SOLD. And another strand in silvery white, with a vintage button clasp, $110. SOLD
Long pink
I found these unusual long pink freshwater pearls and wrapped them in sterling silver to make the links of this chain.  Centered on the chain is one of my "melted metal" pieces with a handmade lamp work bead drop in iridescent swirls of color.  The chain is about 25 inches long, with a handmade clasp.  $95.
Multiple strands of pink and maroon keishi freshwater pearls are gathered up onto a handmade clasp of a vintage abalone button with sterling silver and more pearls.  Quite the spectacular piece. About 24 inches long.  $135. SOLD
Pearl earrings
For something different in the way of pearl earrings, consider these sterling silver squiggles accented with freshwater pearls.  Priced at $35.  Several styles of squiggle can be trimmed with your choice of color in freshwater pearls... 
Sterling silver waves form this bracelet, accented by fish shaped freshwater pearls and ocean blue apatite.  Sized for the slightly larger woman's wrist, this bracelet will bring the sea to you.  $75. SOLD
"Sea Treasures" pendants
I found a stash of fabulous vintage abalone vintage abalone shell accented with sterling silver and freshwater pearls shell buttons with wonderful colors.  Accented with sterling silver waves and multi-colored fresh-water pearls, these almost let you hear the ocean washing the shore. These are stunning on a simple silver chain or vintage abalone pendants with silver and pearls a strand of pearls. Priced from $45 to $95, in sizes from 1 to 3 inches in diameter. Each pendant is handmade, and will be unique.  Similar pendants are available with white or gray mother-of-pearl buttons and freshwater pearls or stone beads, $35-55.  Shown, garnets on white button, $45.  You may specify the main color of pearl or stone desired if you like, or I will send you the prettiest one I have.
Vintage button earrings
While playing around with the vintage buttons and sterling silver, I came up with these earrings.  Top left, mother-of-pearl buttons with freshwater pearls, $35.  Top right, engraved buttons, $30. Bottom left, green snail button with emeralds, $45.  Bottom right, abalone with freshwater pearls, $65.  All with sterling silver "French hook" ear wires.  Each pair is hand-crafted, so styles may vary...
Button rings
So it eventually crossed my mind to see if I could make rings from the vintage buttons, and these are what I came up with.  The band is sterling silver, and the buttons are accented with several freshwater pearls.  The sizes do not come out exact, so try them on different fingers to see where they fit.  $25-30.
Moon dreams
Hot pink freshwater pearls hand-knotted on silk, with "melted metal"> fused silver accents create an unusual necklace, about 22 inches long.  The center piece looked like the moon behind some clouds to me - what does it look like to you?  $65
Sea Green
Green coin pearls hand-knotted on silk suspend a beautiful piece of vintage abalone shell in stunning iridescent greens, graced with sterling silver swirls and freshwater pearls.  About 22 inches long. $95. A treasure suitable for a mermaid. SOLD.
Red coral
Natural red coral from the Mediterranean is becoming increasingly scarce as pollution damages the coral reefs.  This vintage short branch coral is strung on silk and hand-knotted with a gold-filled pearl clasp, about 18 inches long.  $55.  In the Middle Ages, coral was thought to protect the wearer from demons and madness...

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