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Seed Bead Confections

Sparkling glass seed beads are tiny, but when they are massed together into a sculptural confection, they become something outstanding.  Here are some of my favorite pieces. Just let me know if you want something similar in your special color.

Sparkling clear iridescent beads form the core of this necklace and drip down like icicles in winter, icicles tipped by tiny flowers.  The centerpiece is a handmade hollow glass bead set off by sterling silver.  About 20 inches long, $75.
For a more tailored look, multiple strands of tiny beads braided together, in 2 or 3 closely related colors, with or without a centerpiece bead, provide a striking effect.  The price is around $45. 
I call these my "Furry" necklaces, as the multiple layers of beaded loops fall softly and feel wonderful.  These usually have one color of core beads and 2 or 3 related colors of loops.  A center bead can be added.  The price is about $75 to $95 in most cases. Blue
This is another of the furry necklaces, with a dichroic glass pendant in blues and purples in the center.  About 22 inches long, $110.  
One of the things I especially like about seed beads is all the lovely bright colors they can be found in, all the colors of the rainbow and more.  I am particularly fond of the transparent and iridescent colors, like these two pieces.  With these, I was fortunate to locate handmade lamp work beads for the centers that just matched the seed beads, which are set off by sterling silver accents and sterling clasps.  Lime, left, is about 14 inches long with a 2 inch extender chain, $65.  Orange, right, is about 18 inches long with a 2 inch extender chain, $70 
Another striking look is my seed bead "Rope".  The core beads are one color, and the beads spiraling around the outside may be the same or a different color.  Right, "Ice" in aqua and iridescent clear, about 18 inches long, $60  A center bead or beads can be added, if desired, as in the coppery rope at left, with handmade lamp work beads in the center, 20 inches long, $75.  This necklace is quite strong, due to its construction.   Priced around $50-75. 
The rope necklace  can also be an expanding construction, as in this green example, where the looping effect becomes larger towards the center.  This piece is centered with a hollow handmade glass bead and 2 lamp work beads.  About 20 inches long, $75 Bead lace has a lovely ruffled effect, and can be made all one color or 2 or 3 complimentary colors.  It may have small glass beads hanging from it in places.  The price ranges from $45 to $85.
Summer's Bounty
Bright green seed bead loopsgreen seed beads accented by fruits and vegetables form the base of this luscious salad.  Accented by such vintage fruit and vegetable beads as corn, peppers, apples, bananas, oranges, lemons, limes, pears, and strawberries, you are sure to get your "5 a day" with this necklace.  Matching corn earrings included.  Priced at  $200..
This "furry" necklace in shades of pale green is centered with 3 vintage foiled lamp work beads on forged sterling silver links.  About 24 inches long, completed with handmade sterling silver clasp.  $145. 

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