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Special Touches

When you need that special touch, something uniquely yours, here are some ideas to consider. Just let me know how I can create something especially for you.

Personally yours
Having done some calligraphy in the past, I love coming up with special letter forms.  These are some monogram pendants I have created in various styles to suit the wearer.  Prices range from $45 to $60 and sizes are around 2 to 3 inches.

1) BPG, P for the maiden name being smaller  2) ER, leaving out a middle initial to improve the design  3) DBR, letters "stacked up" 4) SP in wearer's signature style.  Photos courtesy Andy Rogers 2012.  

Pink Ribbon Necklace
pink rhodenite rounds and ovals with pink ribbon beads In tribute to a friend of mine who did not survive her battle with breast cancer, I will make a donation to breast cancer research when this necklace sells.  Pink rhodenite ovals and 6mm rounds pair with pink ribbon lamp work beads and silver accents in this special necklace.  Hand-knotted on silk.  About 26 inches long. Matching earrings included. Priced at $75. Earrings available separately for $30.
"Melted metal" pins
Occasionally I use my fused sterling silver pieces to make stick pins, like these two.  Each one is unique, depending on how the silver flows in the heat of the fire.  Left, "flower", about 1 inch, set with cabochon garnet, $45.  Right, "sea horse", about 2 inches, set with peach moonstone, $50.  The pin stem is about 3 inches long.  The clutch for the end of the pin is a silver color base metal.
Shawl pins
copper penannular shawl pin These pins are hand-forged in either sterling silver or copper, with very smooth tapered sterling silver fibula style shawl pin pins that will easily go through most materials.  These are historical styles that were popular because of their utility and beauty.  The fibula style on the left dates from ancient Greece and can be accented with beads of your choice. The penannular style on the right was popular for over 1000 years throughout Europe.  Pins in sterling are $35-$50, and in copper $25-$35, depending on the size and expected use (heavier garments need heavier pins).

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