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Age of Steam Collection

The romance of the Victorian era...  the excitement of the beginnings of the Industrial Age... the possibilities to be imagined... for an imaginative collection of fun accents.  These are made from vintage metal stampings, vintage mother-of-pearl buttons, old watch parts, and other odds and ends I have found, most dating from the 1940's and 1950's, and accented by freshwater pearls and copper or sterling silver. These pieces are one-of-a-kind, depending on the vintage pieces I find.  Sometimes I might be able to create something similar, but with vintage pieces that is not always possible. 

A Quick Quiz
With your quizzing glass, what can you see? Vintage plastic ball mounted in a brass holder magnifies light to illuminate the subject. It hangs between 2 etched copper and 2 shiny silver color beads on a 36 inch black leather cord that can be adjusted in length. $30
Stars above.
Vintage gold color filagree star has multiple turnable vintage wheels and gears, plus a dangling copper color leaf, perhaps making the music of the spheres? On a 34 inch gold color square wheat chain with a spring ring clasp. $40.
The key to the treasure, perhaps? Vintage steel key and watch key hang from bright loops on a vintage 24 inch copper color double S chain with a brass spring ring clasp. $30, Bite the bullet
Spent bullet casing shoots out chains with silver color scroll and silver color lizard, bracketed by copper spirals. Much better use for bullets than shooting them, hmm? $30.
Its the bomb
From a vintage brass filigree fan shape hang 5 various aluminum bobs. Perhaps they are new secret weapons? The fan hangs from a 5 inch chain that can be attached to a cord or ribbon or to a jacket or button. $40.
Jeweled Heart
This gold color mesh heart is worked with autumn-hued freshwater pearls and copper spirals.  Perfect for your lady love.  About 1 1/2 inches across.  Suspended from a 16 tan suede leather cord with a silver color lobster claw clasp and a 2 inch chain extender for length adjustment.  $30.  
Secret Decoder Rings?
Everyone needs a decoder ring to unlock the secrets of the universe or to generate mysterious rays on secret missions.  Rings  are a single copper band in an approximate size with various embellishments.  Black gear turns, the copper swirls hold bright green beads, $20.  Gear is about 1 inch in diameter. 
Blue Jewel
Gold color disk sports a jeweled watch gear contraption with "sapphire" and "diamond" accents.  Dangling from the bottom, an open heart.  The reverse has a sapphire blue flower to delight the ladies.  Pendant is about 1 1/4 inch diameter.  Inquire if you need a chain or ribbon to hang it from.  $30.  .
Cool fire
Vintage opalescent red glass stone with flashes of blue graces this vintage copper oval setting with bow on top. The gears on the back are frozen in time, leaving one to wonder about their previous function. Suspended from a 16 inch tan suede cord with lobster claw clasp and 3 inch extender chain. $30.
Busy boxy
This vintage copper square hangs at a slant and shows the jeweled mechanism of undetermined function. A brass ladybug is exploring the mechanism - will it help her fly away home? Hangs from a 16 inch tan suede cord with a lobster claw clasp and 3 inch extender chain. $35.
  Pretty as a picture
Pretty embossed vintage copper stamping has a blue and white daisy glass stone, and on the back, a surprising watch face, $30.
Layers of blue accented by blue rhinestones provide a soothing background of the imagined busyness of the watch works in this vintage coppery frame. Pendant hangs from a 16 inch copper colored cable chain with brass spring ring clasp. $35.
And your point is?
Vintage mother-of-pearl button has gears that turn, a numbered dial, and a pointer. When the dials align, what will it point to? $30.
Clock works
Vintage clock gears are suspended from and turn on copper pins.  When they all mesh and turn, what will happen?  On a 36 inch black leather cord that can be adjusted in length.  $40.
...Catch a lizard by his tail.
Black jeweled watch face holds onto a dangling silver color lizard. On the back, the watch gears are set off by a red rhinestone. On a 16 inch silver color snake chain with lobster claw clasp and a 3 inch extender chain, for flexible length choices, $30.
A knight in shining armor
This knight sits on a vintage mother-of-pearl button and is surrounded by freshwater pearls.  The back is a vintage copper filigree.  Suspended from a 15 inch square copper chain with a spring ring catch.  $30.
And for your ears...
 Vintage  gold color filigree set with black glass stones with tiny gold stars.  Gold-filled "French hook" ear wires.  $25. 

Vintage silver color filigree holds a gold color dragon in place along with a turning gear.  Sterling silver "French hook" ear wires.  $30. Position and shape of gear may vary.

Vintage gold color filigree ovals are surmounted by 2 gears that turn, one offset from the other. Sterling silver "French hook" ear wires. $30.
Pirate treasure
After defeating the pirates on far away seas, some of  the rescued "gold" coins make wonderful adornments.  The necklace has 5 coins, from ancient Rome, from England, from France and from the colonies, so you are never without funds, wherever your travels may take you.  On a 36 inch leather cord, the length of which can be adjusted.  $30.  Faux coin earrings will have gold-filled or sterling silver "French hook" ear wires (your choice).  $15 per pair.  Top English (also available in silver color), middle Spanish (SOLD OUT), bottom American (aluminum and very light weight).

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