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Thank you for visiting my web site. I hope you like what you see. I have enjoyed making beautiful jewelry for years, and would like to share some of my treasures with you. Please let me know what I can create just for you.

Some of my favorite designs are featured images on this and other pages of the site, especially the themed collections and Jewelry Information.

Ear, Ear includes more of my earring designs (I've always enjoyed making earrings.)
"jellyfish" earrings - sterling silver. $75. SOLD. 
Treasures from the Sea includes pearls, coral, and vintage shell button designs.
Freshwater pearls hand-knotted on silk, about 20 inches long.  Left, gray with sapphires and silver, $75.  Right, white with garnets and silver, $55. SOLD. 
Lustrous Metals includes designs in sterling silver and copper.
copper washers, sterling links, and midnight blue goldstone make a spectacular showing.  22 inches long. $75. 
The Age of Steam collection features some of my "steampunk" inspired designs, which use vintage metal pieces and old watch parts.
vintage metal and glass pendant with watch works on the other side.  $25. 
Seed Bead Confections feature some of the pieces I make when I have lots of time.
multiple shades of cream and tan match the central handmade lampwork bead in this fluffy confection.  About 20 inches long. $125. 
Special Touches show some of my past one-of-a-kind pieces that have been specially designed for individuals. Let me know what I can design for you
sterling initial pendant, DFG,  about 2 x 3 inches. $50. Available as a special order, any initials, your design idea or mine. 
Rare & Precious are some of the stones that I find very seldom. These will be particularly unique, and not something I am likely to be able to repeat.
"Rare Treasure" 26 inch necklace of graduated facetted rubies, hand-knotted on silk, centered with a matching handmade copper enamel bead. $185
Ring around the ..Neck includes some of my other necklaces, primarily in various stone or vintage glass beads.
Black and white banded agate rectangles and rondels add cool sophistication to most any outfit. About 22 inches long, sterling silver toggle clasp. $75. In olden times, agates like these were thought to bring you favor with judges and kings.
Wire as Fiber showcases some of my recent experiments with crochet and spool knitting using fine gauge wire, especially the colored copper wires now available. Pictures coming soon, I promise.

Ordering and shipping information can be found on the Ordering page. And Information about sizes, materials and stones is on the Jewelry Information page, along with pictures of some of my pieces and the stones I used.

My Other Items page provides a glimpse of some of the other items I make from time to time, including porcelain vases, boutique ornaments, herbal information, yarn dolls, and custom calligraphy and illumination. This page is still under construction.

Thanks for visiting my web site. Please let me know how you like it and how I can improve it.

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